Days of Make
  • Wake up at 5:30am to code for an hour every day.
  • Earn my first freeCodeCamp (FCC) certification
  • Survive the first week of the semester.
  • Actually post this blog post even if it isn’t perfect.
  • I didn’t actually keep track of everything. I’ll be better about that next week. 
  • Monday I earned the Responsive Web Design certification!!
  • Worked a lot on the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section.
  • Did about half of CodeAcademy’s command line tutorial.
  • Wrote this blog post.
  • 5:30 is early.
  • I really like programming.
  • I can figure out challenging things.
  • Nothing will be perfect (code, this blog, homework, etc.), but there’s value in doing it and putting it out there.
  • Finish CodeAcademy’s command line tutorial.
  • Finish Javascript algorithms and data structures certification.
  • Wake up at 5:30am every day to code.

Waking up at 5:30am sounds like a good idea. And becomes the exact opposite when you actually do it. But that is what I’m doing to improve my technical skills. Waking up an hour early to code, make, and tinker. Here I’ll document all of my day to day activities. 

I have about ten billion ideas of projects to work on, so hopefully I can calm down, focus on something, and show you all a cool project (or a few). For the moment, I am falling in love with code. As a mechanical engineering student, I like building things. Software is a whole other world where I can do that. To start off my journey, I’m working on freeCodeCamp’s (FCC) amazing curriculum. Something about it truly clicks with my learning style, so I’m focusing on that. In the future, I hope to add web apps to my robots. 

I love being at college, but so far, I’ve found more value in my extra-curriculars, than my ‘curriculars’. By being proactive and being an avid learner, I’ve been able to explore many fields of engineering that I feel passionate about. I’ve learned that you have to put in the time and concentrated effort to make something worth making. 

Although I’m an awful programmer right now, I’m going out there and making something. I’m not a great writer, nor would I have ever thought I would start a blog, but here I am. Even though I’m no good right now, this week I committed to give more of myself to get better. And I feel like I’ve learned more this week than any other week. 

I finished the first section of FCC. I competed in a University CodeSprint on HackerRank. I easily did the ‘easy’ challenge and couldn’t even understand the rest, but hey, I saw what it was like and feel more prepared for next time. 

Thank you for joining along in this journey. Hopefully I can share something that you’ll find valuable. For the moment, this is highly valuable to me because it commits me to learn something every day. 

With that, until next week!

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