The Perfect Tool to Teach STEAM

Explore principles in science with Apollo. Brighten students’ understanding of the world by relating science to the robot they’re making.

Use popular programming languages to introduce programming through the physical world. Teach for-loops by blinking an array of LED’s or control flow by making Apollo solve a maze

Learn about mechanics building Apollo, electronics designing circuits, and other engineering principles along the way

Design and configure Apollo in any way imaginable to bring your ideas to life! Solve a maze, play soccer, water a plant, or take out the trash with Apollo. Just add creativity!

Make math exciting as students use it to solve fun challenges! Apply trigonometry to a robot arm or use rates to understand how a robot can measure distance

Founded on Open Source and Community

Organizations like Khan Academy and FreeCodeCamp are changing education. Through community, millions of students world-wide now have access to STEAM courses. Anyone, anywhere can learn about physics, programming, math and more.

At Cyperion Robotics, we believe in making education accessible to anyone, anywhere. We provide learning resources that are great for any budget and any student. Based around open-source technologies like Arduino, we offer highly flexible and powerful tools. Access to our design and curriculum helps teachers use Apollo to teach to their students’ needs.


Apollo: Making Educational Robotics Accessible

Mechanical Design
Circuit Design
Free Curriculum

What's New?

Apollo is currently under development. We’re excited for what’s to come and need your help along the way. We are developing and testing our kit, circuit board, and curriculum so that it can start being used in classrooms and homes around the world.

If you are an educator, student, or life-long learner, we want to hear from you. Subscribe to our email list and opt-in to receive occasional surveys so that you can help make Apollo the best kit possible. Contact us through our contact page or any of our social media platforms. 

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You can contribute to Project Apollo in many ways. Learn how:

  • Help write or edit the curriculum
  • Translate the curriculum or other resources
  • Write code snippets and practice problems
  • Work with our engineering team to design Apollo's PCB or chassis
  • Donate securely through paypal below
You can rapidly increase the development of Apollo. Even small amounts make a big difference to our team of volunteers as we design and test.

By donating $50 or more, you can provide an Apollo kit for one of our sponsor schools or a student of your choosing! Your name and student sponsored will be added to our website. Starting in April 2019, we will begin shipping Apollo to any student on our list thanks to your charitable contribution.
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