Days of Make
  • 1 hour of making or coding a day (Yes!)
  • Create Random Quote Machine (Not quite)
  • Learn GPIO with Raspberry Pi (Spent this time on new robotics project)
  • Mon – Thur: Spent a lot of time learning about React and Redux
  • Fri – Sun: A little React, but mostly reading about robotics.
  • Even ‘beginner’ resources offer a wealth of knowledge. 
  • You have to start somewhere
  • Life gets crazy. Adapt and remember your priorities. 
  • Reach project section of Front End Certification and start Random Quote Machine.
  • Finish my Data Structures project (school work)
  • Read 5 chapters of Robot Building for Beginners

This week turned a little chaotic. The week began well with some React and Redux. I finished my project a bit early and got extra credit (A slightly tricky refresher on C++ and classes before starting data structures). On Thursday, my wife and I headed home to visit family which has been amazing. Running into some car problems, we ended up stranded a long 500 miles from home. I didn’t realize how much I relied on the environment I’d set up at our apartment to be more productive. Now, with a lot more distractions, I’ve struggled to sit down and code. Or in other words, I’d rather play games with my wife’s goofy younger siblings than code… I guess breaks from school are a good thing. 

Without my raspberri pi, I couldn’t do much with that. Luckily, I brought one of my first robotics books: Robot Building for Beginners by David Cook, which I would highly recommend. It was refreshing to go back and solidify some basic concepts, remember my first failed attempts at robotics, and see the change in technology the last 10 or so years. 

With the stress of getting a car fixed and managing classes from afar, I sadly didn’t make the progress I wanted this week, but I’m proud of the time I put in. There will be plenty of weeks like this one where I don’t accomplish all my goals, but also many where I will. I guess the most important is trusting in the process, continuing to go day by day. And that’s what I’ll be doing! Until next week!


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