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We believe in providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Our part in that mission: making STEAM education materials, like Apollo our robotics kit, accessible to anyone, anywhere


The Perfect Tool to Teach STEAM


Explore principles in science with Apollo. Brighten students' understanding of the world by relating science to the robot they're making.


Use popular programming languages to introduce programming through the physical world. Teach for-loops by blinking an array of LED's or control flow by making Apollo solve a maze


Learn about mechanics building Apollo, electronics designing circuits, and other engineering principles along the way


Design and configure Apollo in any way imaginable to bring your ideas to life! Solve a maze, play soccer, water a plant, or take out the trash with Apollo. Just add creativity!


Make math exciting as students use it to solve fun challenges! Apply trigonometry to a robot arm or use rates to understand how a robot can measure distance

Project Apollo

Educational Robotics Kit


Quick Facts about STEAM Education


job growth in STEM related industries


of high school students are ready for college-level science courses


of principals reported their schools don't offer coding courses

Project Helios

Arduino-based Autonomous Quadcopter